Let’s face it. People like pretty. Admittedly, pretty doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone (and I’m grateful for that), but regardless, people like what they think is pretty.

When it comes to your brand, the best thing you can do is make it as universally “pretty” as you can.

Need help thinking through your “pretty”? I created a little sumthin’ sumthin’. Tell you all about it a little later.


Anyhoo . . .

Let’s face it, when look good you open yourself up to a few new realities.

Some are obvious (although it is always nice to have a reminder), but there are some you may not have thought about.

Honestly, anything that will motivate you to continue working your entrepreneurial hustle is worth talking about in my opinion

Let’s talk about some of those benefits.

An Attractive Visual Brand Gives You Credibility

An attractive brand says, “Trust me!”

You don’t feel weird after interacting with an attractive brand. You worry less about whether you are getting screwed with something that looks like time and thought went into it.

Remember: A well-done brand comes with expectation because it looks credible.

A well-done brand comes with expectation because it looks credible. Click To Tweet

An Attractive Visual Brand Has Tie Breaker Capabilities

You didn’t know that your brand had super powers?

It has the power of influence.

Have you ever been deciding on a service that you needed and after research and recommendations, it came down to two businesses?

I can’t speak for you, but in this situation, I would look at both companies’ websites and social media accounts to determine which looked more credible.

Don’t judge me, but sometimes it comes down to which one looks better.

If the services and prices are comparable, then I ask myself which brand catches my eye.

Taking the time to develop your brand will help people choose you.

An Attractive Visual Brand Ups Your Shareability Potential

At first, I considered using the analogy of new parents showing off pictures of a baby that wasn’t quite cute yet, but then I thought someone may take offense. (All babies are cute, right?)

So instead, I’m just going to remind you that people like to share/see attractive things.

It’s so much easier to post something about your brand to my Facebook or link to your website from my own if I’m showing off something that ups the value of my own brand.

This is also the case for referrals and collaboration.

Let’s say you are a blogger and a friend asks you to help share a new product, but the website is not done well and their overall brand looks terrible.

You are hesitant because your name will be forever tied to this unattractive brand.

Same thing goes for collaborations. Maybe your friend is an incredible writer, has tons of great content and wants to collaborate with you on a post.

Is it worth the risk of being associated with a brand that others may not trust based on the look alone?

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An Attractive Visual Brand Produces Confidence

Do you remember the first day of school?

I had my new outfit hanging up and ready to go because knew I was going to look good that first day.

My new outfit (and awesome new school supplies) gave me confidence.

Now imagine going to a swanky networking event. Your friend invited you, so you are a little bit out of your element.

People are talking shop and as the conversation moves around the circle of strangers, someone asks you what you do.

How amazing would you feel being able to pull out an incredibly designed business card and allow your brand to speak for itself?

When you have something to show off, you feel good and when you feel good, you make things happen.

Ability to Build Anticipation

One marketing tactic that I’ve seen a number of successful people do well is the pre-launch promotion.

They put up a great coming soon page if the landing page isn’t finished, start making big pushes on social media and even release small teasers of their product.

Now, this wouldn’t be possible if there wasn’t something awesome to show off.

Your brand should have the ability to whet someone’s appetite and get them excited about what you have to offer.

A Visually Attractive Brand Steers the Direction of Audience Impressions

I have a theory.

When a potential client sees something from your brand, it will either inspire him/her to continue to look for more negative details or more positive details.

Essentially, the first impression will have a domino effect on the other impressions.

If someone lands on your website and thinks your logo is cheap and designed poorly, then, in theory, that person will look at the rest of your website just to see what else is done poorly.

If that same person lands on your website and appreciates the look, then he/she will want to know what other impressive elements you have to offer.

Always steer your audience’s impressions with a well-planned brand design.

Always steer your audience's impressions with a well-planned brand design. Click To Tweet

How do you plan out your brand effectively?

I have two ways to help you:

  1. a workbook for the person that just wants a little guidance
  2. a complete course that walks you step by step through developing your brand identity

Create Your Own Brand Identity Course

Or, check out the Your Look Branding Workbook. It contains information on the significance, uses, and design tips as well as a full planning worksheet for each of the following visual branding elements:

Business card
Other quick elements

Oh, and did I mention that is just $10? Check it out and start planning for your brand’s look.


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Are you currently branding or rebranding? What has been the most challenging part? I would love to hear from you!

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