This is not your regular business blog post.

I didn’t do tons of research and plan endlessly to bring you accurate helpful information.

Instead, I’m just talking about change and the hot button phrase “work/life balance.”

 * * * Spoiler Alert * * *

I finally devised a planner to help me get everything done while still keeping my life balanced.
More on that in a bit.

* * * Spoiler Alert * * *

Something you are probably familiar with. Change can be awesome and scary at the same time. I noticed a change creeping up on me about a year ago and now I’m in full swing.

Change can be awesome and scary at the same time. When change hit for me, it was sudden and unexpected.

Each time (notice it wasn’t only once).

As life has changed, the way I needed to conduct business changed.

And a large part of your brand is the way you conduct business.

What I used to do was no longer working and my comfort zone was becoming less comfortable.

I had a choice regarding my business.

Either I could listen and adapt to my changing lifestyle or crush under the weight of a brand too large and demanding to maintain.

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The Lifestyle Change.


That was then . . . this is now . . . 

Since the day I designed my first business card (which was pretty awful), I have had a full-time job.

I taught English and later graphic design and college transition skills to high school students.

I was always OK in my business because I had that full-time check coming in like clockwork.

At the time, I only had two small children and they were in daycare and I could manage.

Then I got pregnant, and then I got pregnant again . . . 



This is them now . . .

Pure character.

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and my sweet little bundles of work (and joy) made it clear that a full-time job was no longer an option outside of the home.

So I resigned, let my husband bring home the majority of the bacon and decided to build my brand full time with a 16-month-old and a newborn by my side.

Just to remind you that chaos can come in cute packages, here are all my children (well, one is my niece, but she has her own room in the house!)

The Realization.

Every day my little ones remind me of a few key things.

They require my attention when they want it…not when I want to give it.

The day is only 24 hours long and those hours have to be divided between clients, business maintenance, husband, kids, extended family, friends, house cleaning, cooking, and (sometimes) sleeping.

Maintaining my sanity is essential if I plan on NOT raising little criminals.


That sanity is only maintained when I adhere to a fair balance between my lifestyle and my brand.

The Brand Change.

Previously, BMays Design, in my opinion, looks like a slightly corporate brand that tried to look youthful and fun.

It was impersonal and is simply there to get the job done.

There was little connection and a lot of process. If I were to try to take THAT brand to the next level by working it full time, I would need 10 of me to accomplish that transition the way it should be done or, at least, 1 super me. (She would be pretty amazing with tall boots and a flat stomach).

That website worked fine when I ran my biz on the side and I wasn’t trying to make it my main source of income.

Although it was faceless, tt allowed me to look professional when I was neglecting it, yet still impressive when someone saw it for the first time. (Not to mention that my portfolio was all over the place).

Now, BMays Design is no longer my side business, it is me.

I’m the brand.

And it’s important that people know who they are working with.

Full disclosure of who I am allows me to maintain the proper balance between my brand and my personal life.

The real things that happen in my life affect my business.

A blog post may go out later than it was supposed to because of an emergency room visit.

A Google Hangout meeting might work better than the coffee shop because I have sleeping children in the next room.

None of this would surprise my client IF he/she knew who I was, what I stood for, and what was important to me.

So What’s Next?

Tons! There is so much that changes when rebranding your business. Your look, processes, services, technology, etc…change during this journey and my plan is to document it all.

I love to hear about your brand and balance victories and help answer your questions.

As you walk with me in my journey, I will return the favor. There are multiple ways to connect with me during this time.

You can:

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In an attempt to put on paper what goes on in my head daily and balance all of my duties and obligations in the following areas: Home, Work, Relationships, & Self-Care, I created The Jourganizer.

It is a Journal + Organizer to help the busy entrepreneur plan each day for optimal health (both physically and mentally) and productivity.

Get a Better Look at The Jourganizer Busy Balance Planner

Where are you in your current brand? Content? Considering new directions? Just starting? I would love to hear from you.

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