“The Jourganizer” Busy Balance Planner


The Jourganizer: The Journal + Organizer for the Busy Person Wanting a Balanced Life

Freelancers, solopreneurs, business owners, etc. have unconventional schedules and typically their personal and professional duties overlap a great deal. So how do you make sure that every area of your life gets the right attention?

The Jourganizer is a quarterly planner created out of experience and need. The need to balance all areas of your life in order to enjoy yourself and make the most out of what you have.

Each day is a combination of 2 pages: the organizer page and the journal page. The idea is that every day should be balanced mentally and physically. When you work for yourself, work doesn’t stay at work because work is often home. And regular work hours are typically when you can fit it in.

Because of that, this planner has very specific features to help you obtain balance and clarity every single day.

In The Jourganizer, you will find:

  • Reflection questions to help you assess where you prioritize your time
  • Weekly goal setting and assessment
  • Categories for your To-Do Lists so that you organize tasks that deal with Home, Work, Relationships, & Self-Care
  • Space for a timed appointments
  • Areas for your 10-minute moments to optimize your daily productivity
  • Parts of your daily organizer to help you truly prioritize tasks
  • Dot-grid areas for doodling, writing, note-taking, etc.
  • Space for inspiration and gratitudes

Formats Available: PDF for easy printing

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