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Is Your Brand a Shady Situation or Just Non-Existent? The Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Your Own Visual Brand

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Usually when I write a blog post, I start off with a personal anecdote to get you to see the significance of the post’s topic. And that’s because I really want YOU to want THIS information. I really want YOUR BRAND to want to look amazing and credible to your audience. I can’t express how it feels when I’m approached…

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Solopreneur Game Changers Part One: How to Take Control of Your Graphics

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There are so many things that go into a business. You have to be a customer service representative, a CEO, a CFO, an accountant, a marketing specialist, a content creator, and a designer. Wow! That’s quite a list. What’s more, you still have a personal life aka being a parent, sister, brother, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, best friend, and any other…

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20 Things You Can Do and Create in Adobe Photoshop for Your Brand

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This post is for you if you have ever felt like Photoshop was too intimidating. It is also for you if you have been considering learning Photoshop and using it as a tool for your visual brand and business. Or, if you already know Photoshop, but for some reason feel limited or ned some inspiration. People have asked me on…

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Getting Real About the Hustle: 5 Areas of Focus When You Transition from Your 9 to 5

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Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure we could talk about at least 10 other things that need your attention when you are turning your side-gig into your main-gig, but as someone who made that leap (and sometimes feels as if she is still on a ledge looking down), I noticed 5 areas that really affected me. I’m sharing them with you…

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Freelancing While in Free Fall: Tips, resources, and worksheets for keeping it together in the midst of chaos

By BMAYS Design, Branding Balance, Entrepreneurial Encouragement, Freelance, Resources and Tools3 Comments

All of our chaos looks different and enters/exits our lives at different times. You may be in free fall because of a change in relationship status, a drop in your income, or your overwhelming and unexpected success that you now have to figure out and manage. There is also the distinct possibility you feel like you’re in free fall because…

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What a Visually Appealing Brand Can Do For You: A quick reminder of what you already knew with a few things you haven’t thought of.

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Let’s face it. People like pretty. Admittedly, pretty doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone (and I’m grateful for that), but regardless, people like what they think is pretty. When it comes to your brand, the best thing you can do is make it as universally “pretty” as you can. Need help thinking through your “pretty”? I created a little sumthin’…

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17 Classic & Fresh Ideas for Gathering Customer Feedback that Builds Your Business and Improves Your Brand

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I love to play a little game on my phone called Trivia Crack, and I often play against my husband. You can have multiple games going simultaneously, so he sometimes asks me for answers and I forget to check who he’s playing before I give him the correct one (I have no shame in sabotaging his game if it means…

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Exhaustive, Even Heroic, List of DIY Graphic Design Tools FOR BEGINNERS

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 At one point in my life, I was a teacher. That’s right. I actually subjected myself to the insanity of public education willingly. And high school at that. I know what you may be thinking and the answer is no! No, I didn’t have a death wish, but I did have a passion for design and have always been good with…

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