What I Suddenly Realized About My Life and How it Changed my Brand

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This is not your regular business blog post. I didn’t do tons of research and plan endlessly to bring you accurate helpful information. Instead, I’m just talking about change and the hot button phrase “work/life balance.”  * * * Spoiler Alert * * * I finally devised a planner to help me get everything done while still keeping my life…

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Personal and Professional Balance: 6 Areas of your Life to Evaluate Before Finalizing your Brand

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“Extremes are easy. Strive for Balance.” – Colin Wright Ready to define your brand? In this post, I’m not talking about your brand identity (the actual look of your brand). I’m speaking of your overall brand which is EVERYTHING that you do from the way you treat your audience and how you network to how you run your day-to-day operations….

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Your Brand Imitates Life. Your Life Imitates Your Brand: Preparing for the Changes Life Brings You

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OK…so was I reaching with that title? It sounded a little artsy . . . But based on my experiences both past and present, I feel like it’s quite accurate. When you have to think through your brand, what it means to you, what it looks like, how you want others to perceive you versus what you are actually doing…

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Exhaustive, Even Heroic, List of DIY Graphic Design Tools FOR BEGINNERS

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 At one point in my life, I was a teacher. That’s right. I actually subjected myself to the insanity of public education willingly. And high school at that. I know what you may be thinking and the answer is no! No, I didn’t have a death wish, but I did have a passion for design and have always been good with…

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