I have a confession…

It drives me CRAZY when I see brilliant people with brilliant ideas and products with no platform. In case you haven’t pieced it together yet, you are the brilliant entrepreneur and I’m the platform maker.

My goal is to set you up, so that you can clearly display your brilliance. You would never dream of taking a professional picture without getting yourself a little dressed up (at least brush your teeth and do your hair), so why would you ever present your business without dressing it up? Why would you ever launch your product without helping it make the most impact?

You wouldn’t.

So, let’s create work together and tell your story… visually.

Brittany Mays

Founder + Lead Designer of BMays Design

Brittany Mays graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelors in English and a minor in African American Studies. Initially viewing herself as a trained, effective communicator as the result of her degree, she went into teaching, but she quickly realized her natural ability and deep passion in design.

After nearly a decade of designing for clients, she specializes in two specific types of design: Brand Identity design and Layout/Editorial design. This has allowed her to produce myriad workbooks, ebooks, planners, magazines, presentation slides, and information documents for businesses and individuals that want to present their materials with the highest quality aesthetic to make most of their first, third, and thirtieth impressions.

She has had the privilege of designing for big name bloggers, solopreneurs, university departments, secondary schools, entrepreneurs, and big businesses. When Brittany isn’t designing, you can find her running behind 5 children, cracking jokes with her husband or figuring out new ways to cook and clean with one hand still on her computer.


You are building a brand whether you are trying to or not!

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