[su_pullquote]“It is a cliché that most clichés are true, but then like most clichés, that cliché is untrue.” -Stephen Fry[/su_pullquote]

All the cool people use clichés or maybe all the people we deem “cool” in our society are clichés themselves, but that’s another post entirely!

I mean think about it…

Kelly Clarkson reminded you that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…stand a little taller” and Notorious BIG said “first things first, I Poppa. Freaks all the honies.” (I know that doesn’t have a thing to do with this post, but I couldn’t help myself).

Of course, I don’t want to be called Big Poppa and I definitely don’t freak all the honies, but I like what BIG did here.

He told you who he was and what he was about first and foremost. So apparently clichés have their place in this world.

You already heard why my brand had to change in the first rebrand diary entry, so now here are a few clichés that have stood true for me as I continue on this journey towards my new brand.

Cliche #1 – “First Things First”

When branding or rebranding, there is a general order that seems to makes sense.

Even in the midst of all the new ideas and feelings of confusion, my madness began to reveal itself in logical steps.

In most cases, I would advise you to get your look nailed down and work on the other parts as you can during that process so it can all come together, but that’s not what I did this time.

This time, I focused on building relationships first.

I’m still focusing on that. My look, new products, new processes and other changes are coming along, but I’m building strong relationships through social media and blogging unlike I ever have before.

And that’s what is coming first for me.

I have had a nice website in the past and steady clientele, but I have never had strong online relationships.

Times are changing my friend!

Benefits to building online relationships
1. You have someone to reveal your cool new stuff to
2. You can gather inspiration from people already where you want to be
3. You get to receive feedback from others watching your brand (they will inevitably see what you can’t)
4. You gain the ability to listen to people…their questions…their concerns and their feelings about topics that interest you. This can drive your content and help you help them.

Cliche #2 – “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

I’ve always seen this is as sort of a “duh” statement. I mean…it didn’t kill me right? I suppose it could just weaken me (I’m talking like a super hero again…) Anyway, my point is this cliché has proven true.

Anyway, my point is this cliché has proven true.

When you overcome adversity and endure a grueling journey to an impossible goal or find yourself on the other side of a deeply emotional situation, something changes and that something is your perspective.

adversity adds depth and meaning to your perception when working on your branding

All of a sudden you understand that every little thing you used to take for granted is a stepping stone towards success…that each circumstance has taught you perseverance and appreciation.

Each time I had to hustle to pay rent or do some heavy maneuvering to fill the refrigerator . . .

It made customer service even more important to retain clients.

It made efficient processes even more crucial to avoid wasting money.

Every single thing I do either counts towards my goals or against them, and nothing is meaningless.

That’s how my perspective has changed.

Every thing I do either counts towards my goals or against them, and nothing is meaningless. #solopreneurlife Click To Tweet

Cliche #3 – “Back to Square One”

One thing that separates most people from the truly successful ones is the ability to say no and scrap anything that is not producing the right results or doesn’t align with the vision.

You have to be willing to go back to square one.

This also means, of course, that you have to have a vision.

Remember your vision statement is aspirational and outlines what you would like to accomplish.

More importantly, for our purposes, it also serves as a filter through which every business decision you make should flow… If it doesn’t line up or eventually veers away from your vision, go back to square one.

There is an entire section about vision and mission planning along with a Brand Analysis survey, Brand Position Statement template, and a lot more in the Is It Time to Tweak My Brand Workbook. 

I REALLY REALLY wanted to walk people through a branding process in person. We could sit at a coffee shop and has out all of the cool stuff that needed planning. My vision, however, includes maintaining

We could sit at a coffee shop and hash out all of the cool stuff that needed planning. My vision, however, includes maintaining

My vision, however, includes maintaining the right balance with my business and my family and insists that I give each what is due.

Walking clients in person through this process wasn’t a realistic option and even though I thought of different hourly packages and meeting places, I had to go back to square one while planning my services.

I’m still figuring out all that BMAYS will provide in the near future.

Cliche #4 – “Chomping at the bit”

This cliché describes the urgency I felt to do something different with my brand.

The idea of growing a business where my only potential income and ability to provide for my family depended solely on the number of hours that I worked was discouraging. I was finally tackling my business full-time and I had two choices:

1) Get all the work I could as quickly as I could


2) lay a new foundation for a business platform that allows for multiple streams of income, most of which are not dependent on me actually doing anything or being present.

Guess which one I chose? I still take clients. I love that! But I’m working on building my

But I also have a shop with design templates and helpful workbooks. I’m going to keep adding to it and giving more value.

Cliche #5 – “If the shoe fits, wear it”

So, at one time, I believed that the bane of my existence was blogging.

It scared the crap out of me and because it wasn’t a real part of my world, I didn’t believe people actually took the time to read blogs.

Then…I started reading them and I understood how much amazing information is out there.

Even still, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I would write about…mainly because I didn’t understand who I was writing to.

Other designers?

Small business owners?

Big businesses?


Women, men, or both?

Then life happened and my passion for helping people design amazing brand identities and eProducts while promoting a healthy balance between the personal and the professional surfaced.

I couldn’t keep the ideas contained.

The shoe was starting to fit.

I was starting to understand who I was and what place I had.

A close friend of mine put it best when she said “write the post that wants to be written.

I understand that the statement referred to blogging, but when considering your business in general . . .

write what wants to be written . . .

move in the direction that works . . .

choose the projects that line up with your vision . . .

make sure the shoe fits . . .

Cliche #7 – “Like a Bull in a China Shop”

From removed to personal

General to specific

Cold to inviting.

This was the change my brand needed to go through.

I needed people to know that I was more than the random person designing their visual brand identity.

A major part of making my brand more personal was photography.

Professional pictures.

I can’t put into words how awkward I feel in front of a camera.

I don’t know where to look or what to do with my hands.

 Honestly, I’m like a bull in a china shop, breaking and sabotaging every possible attractive picture or promotional moment.

When I smile, my eyes close, my mouth opens, my chin doubles and my shoulders shrug forward. No, I’m serious. But my excellent photographer coached me, and a good friend of mine consistently reminded me to keep my chin out and my shoulders back.

Good photo versus bad photo of woman branding her business

When building your brand, you may have to push through and get help with the parts of your journey that don’t come to you easily. And that’s not only OK…it’s expected.

Cliche #8 – “On a Soap Box”

Finding my soap box was the best thing that ever happened to me.

It is my constant inspiration.

I want people to experience the freedom that comes with allowing your business to evolve naturally.

There is no need to fabricate a look or an existence that you can’t live up to.

People want to know you because you are part of what makes your brand unique!

I don’t eat Oreos without milk.
I crave Snickers bars almost every day.
Sometimes I sleep on the floor or at the foot of my bed with no blanket or pillow in fear that I might wake up the child who has made his/her way into my space.
I’m horrible at house work, but I do my best to make it work.
I also have at least 3 loads of laundry waiting for me at any given moment.
in the midst of all of that,
I’m creating beautiful identity and promotional materials for businesses and individuals and helping them build brands that tell a story and will stand the test of time.
I’m damn proud of that.

Interested in a planner that helps you properly plan and balance the personal and professional areas of your life? Check out The Jourganizer Busy Balance Digital Planner.

Can you think of a few clichés that have proven true for you? How have they come to pass?

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