25 Quick Ways to Improve Your Visual Brand

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In your “25 Quick Ways to Improve Your Visual Brand” download, you will find tools and resources for:


  • Understanding and building a strong visual brand identity

  • Utilizing and optimizing your visual brand properly

  • Applying design savvy typography techniques to your brand

  • Finding the right design platform for you

  • Handling social media for your brand

  • so much more . . .


You are building your brand whether you are trying to or not.

Every image you post, every piece of content you write, anything you make public is building your brand block by block. And it if it is something visual, then it is creating your brand identity.

Why leave it to chance?

So what are you waiting for . . .

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Meet Brittany Mays

You can call me B.

It drives me CRAZY when I see brilliant people with brilliant ideas and products with no platform. In case you haven’t pieced it together yet, you are the brilliant entrepreneur and I’m the platform maker.

My goal is to set you up, so that you can clearly display your brilliance. You would never dream of taking a professional picture without getting yourself a little dressed up (at least brush your teeth and do your hair), so why would you ever present your business without dressing it up? Why would you ever launch your product without helping it make the most impact?

You wouldn’t.

So, let’s create work together and tell your story . . . visually.

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