This post is for you if you have ever felt like Photoshop was too intimidating.

It is also for you if you have been considering learning Photoshop and using it as a tool for your visual brand and business.

Or, if you already know Photoshop, but for some reason feel limited or ned some inspiration.

People have asked me on a number of occasions why I would equip people to make their own graphics instead of charging them to do it.

Don’t get me wrong, if you hire me, I will design something awesome for you, but honestly, I remember a time when I just needed a little information to accomplish what I needed to get the job done.

Finding that information wasn’t always easy.

Well, I want it to be easy for you to build your visual brand. And if I have the information, you can consider it yours as well.

The Nitty Gritty

As you know from the title, I’m going to share 20 things you can create and do in Photoshop for your brand.

Why Photoshop?

Because it is versatile and knowable. You can use it for all of the small, tiny needs of your brand or you can use it for the biggest project you can think of.

And the more you use it, the better you will be.

Why You Should Care

Adobe Photoshop is a super-powerful tool that can help you create and enhance almost anything. It’s not just for photos, and it’s not just for professional designers. The features and functions of Photoshop range from crazy-easy, to extremely advanced, but you can accomplish so much with just a little training.

To the Purists

If you are a designer and you are reading this, some of you may be scoffing at the idea that I would use Photoshop for some of these designs, but here is my rationale: you have to use what you can work with.

When I first started out, Photoshop came the most naturally to me.

Illustrator seemed difficult and what was InDesign again?

For this reason, I designed EVERYTHING in Photoshop, so I know the quick and easy ways to make things happen, and I want you to know.

(As your professional designer, I will typically use Illustrator for anything that needs to be a vector like logos and icons and InDesign for layout designs).

Ok! Ready to get to it done? The cool stuff you can do starts now.

1. Photorealistic mockups

How can this help your brand? People get excited when they see what you are offering instead of just reading about it. Mockups make your products feel real and attractive to your audience.


Business cards for Cimple Cakes | Designed by BMays Design

2. Flat mockups

How can this help my brand? You don’t always need the frills. You may be in a situation where you don’t have access to a fancy mockup, but you still have to show off your product in an attractive way. Make a flat mockup in Photoshop instead by taking screenshots of your product and using Photoshop to lay everything out neatly.


Workbook design for |  by BMays Design

3. Flyers

How can this help my brand? Whether you are creating a flyer for print or to send out electronically, your brand needs promotional materials to get people excited (and informed) about what you are doing.


Flyer design for Campus group | by BMays Design

4. Posters

How can this help my brand? If you make it beautiful, then people can share it and spread the word for your brand.

Jazz event flier design

Poster Design for Campus Event | by BMays Designs

5. Logos

How can this help my brand? It goes without saying that your logo is the face of your brand, product, event, etc . . . People will judge your entire business based on the first impression your logo provides.


Logo Design RC Wealth Management | by BMays Design

6. Business Cards

How can this help my brand? Some say that the business card is obsolete, but there is nothing better than to have some on hand when you meet someone unexpectedly and you need to network.

Want some amazing inspiration? Check out 78 Unique Business Cards Designs on the Oubly blog. There are some amazing examples of cool things you can create.


Business Card Design for Stefanie Manns | BMays Design

7. Badges

How can this help my brand? Let’s say you launch a service and you want to give people an easy way to share your service or product with others. A badge allows them to share on social media or stick it in the footer of their websites.


Badge Design for InfoBoMo | by BMays Design

8. Infographics

How can this help my brand? An infographic educates your audience, so they can see their need for your product/service. It’s also an attractive way to present . . . well . . . anything.

Social Media Infographic | by BMays Design

9. Patterned backgrounds

How can this help my brand? As you create your brand, having some go-to patterns and textures can help you stand apart visually. With Photoshop, you can easily create a pattern on a website like, then use the tile to create a full-sized background in Photoshop.


Patterns for The Independent Brand Identity | by BMays Design

10. Photos with filters

How can this help my brand? Use Photoshop to jazz up some of photos that you can use on your blog or on your social media accounts. There are tons of Photoshop Actions and Styles with the perfect presets to make your photos have the right look for your brand.


Action Bundle Filters | Adriana Adams Photography

11. Brand Style Guides

Brand Guidelines for Naomi Osemedua | by BMays

How can this help my brand? Style guides help your brand stay consistent and, using Smart Objects, Photoshop can make it very easy to switch out patterns, images, and colors and your create your own style guide.

12. Website Headers/Banners

How can this help my brand? When you land on a site, what is the first thing you see? That’s right, the header. It should draw you in and points you in the direction you should go.

headerExample website header | BMays Design

13. Email Headers

How can this help my brand? Just like your website, your email header catches attention and frames the rest of the email.


Email Header | by BMays Design

14. Social Media Images

How can this help my brand? People love visuals, so as you are posting to social media, you can use them to draw people in. Photoshop allows you to create a layered image where you creativity can flow.

Pinterest Design for Brand Identity DIY Course | by BMays Design

15. Website sidebar images

How can this help my brand? By drawing people’s attention to your sidebar, you present information and visuals that help people focus on what you need them to. If you need other ideas about your sidebar or footer or you are convinced that these high-traffic areas are important, but you don’t know what to do with them, check out my free Pimp My Sidebar course.

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16. Announcement/Postcards

How can this help my brand? Let the world know when your brand is doing something awesome! You can design a single set of branded postcards that can serve and handwritten thank you notes to your clients or create cards as a giveaway on your blog.

Announcement Cards for Eric Moore | by BMays Design

17. Website elements (buttons, dividers, etc.)

How can this help my brand? It’s easy to pump up your website and landing pages with designs that fit your brand. You create the image of the button in Photoshop and load it to your website as a linked image to your destination.


18. Photo Adjustments

How can this help my brand? Whether you are changing a photo from color to black and white, adjusting the brightness levels or adding contrast, you are one step closer to have the exact look that you want for your brand.

This solar keyboard @byreginatv hooked me up with may be may be the best way thing ever. OK maybe not ever, but it's like a playground for my fingers. #thatsnotweird #homeoffice #freelancer

Black/White Photo | by BMays Design

19. Newsletter/One-Page Layout

How can this help my brand? Photoshop can provide a template for the designs that you are constantly updating to save you time and keep your look consistent. A one-page design can be helpful for a marketing sheet, course agenda, email optin or anything that needs a concise, organized design.

Course Agenda for Naomi Osemedua | by BMays Design

20. Save the Dates/Invitations

How can this help my brand? If you ever plan on throwing an event (virtual or physical) for your brand then being able to design nice invitations or save the dates and can set the right mood and expectation with your audience. Plus, don’t you feel proud when it looks good.


Invitation and Save the date Design | BMays Design

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